The secret to Sir Richard Branson’s Success revealed?

The secret to Sir Richard Branson’s Success revealed? Read the 5 Benefits of Standing Vs. Sitting whilst working in the office

You may have heard rumours about Sir Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Group promoting the vast benefits of stand-up meetings. Many have tried to emulate him in professionally and personally, but is this the number 1 secret to the Entrepreneurs success? 

Find out more about the vast number of benefits of making at stand at work and using the standing desk.


1. Standing is good for your body

Professor John Brewer, of St Mary’s University London says the Standing Desk could improve your health and your working life. ‘Evidence suggests that standing can improve circulation, posture and core stability. When individuals spend significant periods of time sitting and looking at computer screens, it can put stresses on the back, shoulders and neck, and these will be relieved by adopting a vertical, standing position. The human body is designed to adopt a vertical position, and by spending more time standing we are developing and utilising the natural attributes and physique that we possess,’ he says. The musculoskeletal health is one of the drivers for vastly growing fitness and health supplement markets – why spend extra on it – get paid to be healthy whilst standing at work.
aiBox Standing Desk - Sitting is the New Smoking

2. Sitting is the new smoking

For people who sit most of the day (global studies show we sit 7.7 hours a day), their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking, says Martha Grogan, a cardiologist at London’s Mayo Clinic. And no, standing up to go for a cigarette doesn’t balance itself out!


3. The ‘sitter’s belly’

Consider how you’re sitting right now. Is your lower spine flush to the back of your chair or have slid forward, resulting in a curved back and your shoulders over your hips? This position has the effect of pushing out your stomach, and bearing in mind you might be in this position for up to seven hours a day, it’s not hard to see how the effects may be permanent – let’s call it the ‘sitter’s pot belly’. A sedentary lifestyle also impacts your metabolism while standing is like walking: It increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, and ramps up metabolism. Just one more reason to get up and work.


aiBox Standing Desk - Work Anywhere 

4. Move with the times (and stand up!)
What’s the point of mobile technology if you’re anchored to the office? With aiBox’s Standing Desk at only 6.5kg and pop-up in under 5-minutes, you can work wherever you feel like. No tools, no hassle, no more staring at the same four walls, simply assemble, and you’re good to go. In addition, having the flexibility to mix it up makes you work better. Fact, working in inspiring spaces and promote creativity. In a study by The Economist, 49 percent of respondents said mobile working had the greatest impact on productivity, while for 38 percent it determined how satisfied they were with their employer.


5. Standing up saves time

If you stand up to have your meetings instead of all gathering around the boardroom table, you’ll cut meeting times by about 25 per cent (which is probably why Richard Branson has all his meetings either standing up or on the go). Ditching the seats could reduce your meeting time by a quarter, with the average stand up meeting taking no longer than 15 minutes. If you’re a manager, boss or your day typically involves more than one meeting, swapping to stand up meetings will make your day run more smoothly, and leave you more time to get your work done… which means less time spent playing catch up out-of-hours.


Afternoon office slouches may be a thing of the past thanks to the standing desk.

Sitting is so over, fact. So throw away your chair, and get into working standing up instead. You’ll work better, be more productive and while the health benefits are innumerable, here are five compelling reasons to think about aiBox’s new standing desk, £129.00



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