5 ‘Interesting’ facts about cardboard

Bear with us…

Okay, so cardboard might not traditionally be thought of as one of the world’s most exciting materials – clearly, that honour goes to velour, or possibly flubber – but here at ai we’re really excited about the way smart design can change the way we think of something as everyday as cardboard and make it interesting. Sort of. So we looked into our current favourite material to unearth some things we didn’t know about it…


Some cardboard

  1. Cardboard doesn’t exist! At least in etymological terms. It’s alright, you can stop banging that cereal box against your head, it is real. What we mean is, cardboard in industry doesn’t describe any particular material, but is used as a term to describe a number of materials. Which materials, you ask? Cardboard ones.
  2. The earliest published use of the term ‘cardboard’ was in a Brontë novel! This would be more exciting if it wasn’t Anne Brontë, but we’ll take it. According to Wikipedia, her use of the term in her novel The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is the earliest.
  3. Cardboard was created by accident! Well, one form of it was, when a factory worker mistakenly cut through thousands of paper bags, instead of creasing them. Was he given a fair split of the patent rights, or fired and left to die in the poorhouse? We don’t know.
  4. Your cereal box is inside out! Early cereal boxes were made with the sealed wax bag on the outside of the box, rather than the inside, as we know it today. Yes, that is a fact about cardboard. No, you shut up.
  5. Cardboard boxes were originally made from trees! And still are, but it was more obvious in ancient China, during the Han Dynasty, when the treated bark of the mulberry tree was used to store foods.

BONUS CARDBOARD MIND BLOWER Cardboard first became popular in hat making, when milliners invented a corrugated paper lining to insulate their hats!

We’ve taken this interesting material and made a cardboard standing desk from it – what interesting things will you do with cardboard?

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