5 Tips for Moving House


There’s no getting around the fact that moving home is stressful, for a variety of reasons, but you can make life a lot easier on yourself by having a good plan of attack:

1. Pack a bag of first night essentials keep this separate from the stuff that’s going into the moving van so it doesn’t get lost in there. This bag should contain things you can’t live without, things that you’ll probably need long before you’re done unpacking, such as The Five Ts – toilet paper, toiletries, a towel, a torch, and tea, if you’re British.

2. Pack your non-essentials first – things you can live without for a few days should be packed first and they should also be loaded onto the moving van first, so that if you should find yourself unpacking all proactive-like as you’re still unloading the van, you’ll be unpacking your most wanted stuff first.

3. Take the opportunity to declutter – while you’re at it, if you’re looking at things as non-essential, do you really want to hang on to them at all? Consider taking them to the charity shop before you even start to fill the moving van.

4. Label all the boxes and the rooms – of course you’ll be keeping items for the same room together, but rather than simply labelling the boxes and having to constantly answer questions about where you want things from the movers, label the rooms too, numerically if you want to make it really simple.

5. See how much of your furniture can be disassembled and rebuilt – if you bought a flat-pack coffee table, why not take it apart and move it in pieces? It’ll be lighter and less awkward to get through doorways. You might not realise that most modern sofas come with detachable arms, for this very reason. While we’re on the subject, why not think about investing in some ultra-lightweight, easy to assemble/disassemble cardboard furniture?

Do you have any essential tips for moving?

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