5 Unexpected Office Spaces

When you think of an office, do you picture white walls, tiny cubicles and fluorescent lighting? Modern ideas about productivity and the rise of the freelancer have led to the development of some weird and wonderful work spaces and these are some of our favourites.

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1. A Shipping Container

Workers at Group8 in Geneva hold their meetings inside shipping containers, presumably to imply the threat that workers might be locked in and set adrift at sea if they don’t crack the problem by deadline.

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2. A Treehouse

Epic Systems in Wisconsin hold their conferences in a treehouse, which is probably less weird if you work there. But only because the corridors, which are themed to resemble subway trains, are even weirder.



3. The Woods

Selgas Cano Architecture in Madrid enjoy inspiring views – they see the wood and the trees.



4. A Gingerbread House

Of the many themed work spaces at Inventionland of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the one that appeals most to our inner child has to be the concept kitchen, which looks like a gingerbread house.

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5. A Garden Shed

This generation has turned the humble office shed into the twenty first century work place of choice for the modern freelancer. Free from the distractions of the house, but still within easy walking distance of the kitchen, the garden shed is the ideal home office, and you can’t beat that commute.

What does your work space look like? We want to see it and we’ll feature our favourites.


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