5 Ways To Make Your Work Space Greener

Whether you work from home or at a large office, there are several things you can do personally to make your work environment greener. Here are just a few examples:

standbysymbol1. Use your computer’s power saving settings

You don’t want to be shutting down and starting up your computer several times a day, but there are times when you’re away from your desk and it’s easy to set up your computer to sleep after a set period of time. Small adjustments to your screen brightness and volume can also conserve power and reduce the time between charges for portable devices. Use up that battery before plugging into the mains! You’ll save on your bills, too.

wifi-12. Work offline

If you don’t need to be on the WiFi, don’t be. You’ll be surprised by how it affects your devices performance and power consumption. If you work in a shared office, your colleagues will feel the benefit – if you work alone, turn the router off when you don’t need it.

lightbulb3. Use energy efficient lighting

You might not be able to get this implemented across the board at work, but it’s an easy change if you work from home and it’s another way to save money on your bills while cutting your energy consumption. Consider a LED desk lamp if your work space is particularly cosy, so you’re not wasting any of that light.

printer4. Unplug the printer

Along with any other peripherals you have around that aren’t in constant use – no need to keep them in constant standby. Better yet, don’t use the printer at all – view and store all of your documents digitally, that way you save power and paper.


5. Dress in layers

Save huge money and power by ditching the air con in summer and keeping the thermostat a degree or two cooler in winter. Reducing the temperature by as little as one degree can reduce your annual heating bill by as much as 10%.

All of these tips are in addition to your buying a sustainable, recyclable cardboard standing desk or standing desk converter, which obviously goes without saying.

Do you have any tips for staying green at the office?

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