5 Ways To Maximise Your Work Space

Whether you work from home, in a private or shared office, or from your garden shed, space is a commodity and what you do with it can make all the difference to your productivity. Here’s five ways you can make the most of whatever space you have.

  1. aiBox-standing-portable-desk-04Get a standing desk – Ergonomic, compact and lightweight, a standing desk is the easiest way to free up space at work. For one thing, it eliminates the chair, which is great news for your spine, as sitting for long periods is proven to have negative effects on your health that can be alleviated or eliminated by standing. A win/win!
  2. Get a whiteboard – Post-it notes are so twen cen and they create a cluttered, messy environment. They’re also not great for, y’know, The Environment. Okay, so whiteboards aren’t exactly hi-tec, why not just take digital memos? Well, if you want to keep some information in a more immediate, eye-catching and non-permanent format, try a whiteboard, or even better, whiteboard paint.whiteboard
  3. photoframeGet a digital photo frame – Whether you’re looking to personalise your desk with family photos, or you want a source of inspirational imagery, if your desk space is at a premium, a digital photo frame can replace a whole mess of static photos. Unless, of course, you’re using Polaroids to cover up your boss’s “motivational” quotes, like Homer Simpson.shelves
  4. Get shelves – Think vertically! There are probably things you like to keep on your desk that aren’t in constant use, so why not keep them at arm’s length on a shelf unit above your desk, instead of spread out all over it. If you don’t fancy drilling, how about a unit that sits on your desk?
  5. storagebox Get rid of your storage boxes – Steady on, we’re not asking you to shred or incinerate all your invoices, but let’s be honest, you’ve probably got some other stuff in storage that you could live without – we mean, if it’s in storage, you’re not using it, are you? This could mean things like stress balls, ‘World’s Best Boss’ mugs, that expensive Bristol Board you bought with the best intentions but never used, old laptops, a rolodex or a miniature Henry desk vacuum. Donate it, eBay it – if your stationery is stationary it has to go.
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