What is aiBox.

aiBox is fresh, modern & eco-friendly cardboard furniutre for both home & office. Our standing desk transforms workspaces, inpspiring creativity as well as promoting general health benefits such as improved posture and blood circulation.

Our simple, no fuss no tools required user orientated design means our products whether a simple stool, or a complete stacked shelving unit, it can be assembled in just minutes. And whats that - well yes its 100% cardboard, and 100% recyclable. 

The Products

aiBox is for home, office, show & events. With a complete range of products to suit every application. 

Standing Desk

Portable Working

Standing Desks are better for productivity, creativity working remotely and heath promoting circulation and better posture. This affordable, ergonomic & eco-friendly model is ideal for both home and office customers.

Stacked Shelving

Organise your storage & space

Stacked shelving in a range of colours, storage options (single & twin drawer sets) can be customised to fit into and fill any space. A single piece makes a great bed-side table or stack from floor to ceiling for a complete wall.

Childrens Table &
Chair Set

Inpsire Creativity.

Never again worry about children & pens - actually encourage it with this cardboard furniture set for children. Fold away neatly for storage & kids can self-decorate making it truly their own.