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Cardboard Round Stool

Great for:

Seating | Standing | Storing | Transporting

The perfect portable seating companion

   UK £  11.90

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As strong as conventional

Designed & tested to support loads up to 85kg

Thats equivalent to:

Ideal for Corporate Events,
gigs & get-togethers

Pop-up in minutes – no tools, glues or nails required. Fold up, fold down,
decorate, recycle. The portability and practicality make the Cardboard
Foldable Stool a work of art.

[EVENTS: Corporate / Temporary Functions: Contact us about branding options]


All of aiBox products simply fold & slot allowing self-assembly within minutes & doesn’t require a University degree in Swedish engineering.

Customise Your Way, Your Style, Your Design, Your aiBox

The great thing about aiBox cardboard furniture products is that they can be a canvas for making your aiBox truly your own. Match your home & office decor, make it unique and give your aiBox added protection against wear and tear – so get your hands messy!

Virgin kraft 100% Recyclable
Cardboard. Any everday material.
Engineered for rigidity.
Designed for style.

Whatsmore – 100% recyclable meaning
we at aiBox are doing our bit for the
environment. And if thats not enough,
enquire about our take-back recycling

2-ply Corrugated Virgin Cardboard

Strength & Rigidly from 2-ply Virgin Corrugated Card

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