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Cardboard Standing Desk

Enhances productivity in workspaces /
Promotes circulation & good posture /
Boosts creativity in inspiring places

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Cardboard Standing Desk

‘Sitting is the new smoking’

The static ‘35-hour a week’ office computer chair can be held accountable for 36% of spinal discomfort in your elder years. From +10 hours a week use, the standing desk is proven to reduce/delay the onset of such back issues.

PLUS: numerous other health & well-being benefits associated from increased blood-flow around the body as a caused of a standing working posture.

‘Desk Ergonomics’ – One size doesn’t fit all

Over 166cm / 5ft 6in

Up to 165cm / 5ft 5in

Customisable Design

Customise in your own way by creating your own design
This also gives added protection

Portable carry case design enabling you to work wherever

Bring the meeting to you /Avoid
the mundane 4-office walls / Work
remotely in inspiring spaces

Get to the point.

24/7 emails, out-of-office phone calls,
do you really need that 1-hour meeting?
The standing desk has been seen to reduce meeting times by as much as 25%, whilst delivering the same if-not more productive results. The lack of the ‘casual slouch’ meets you can get more done in the day & feel good about the outcomes too.


All of aiBox products simply fold & slot allowing self-assembly within minutes & doesn’t require a University degree in Swedish engineering.

Virgin kraft 100% Recyclable
Cardboard. Any everday material.
Engineered for rigidity.
Designed for style.

Whatsmore – 100% recyclable meaning
we at aiBox are doing our bit for the
environment. And if thats not enough,
enquire about our take-back recycling

3-ply Corrugated Virgin Cardboard

Strength & Rigidly from 3-ply Virgin Corrugated Card

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