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Although you might not think it, cardboard can be very durable. In terms of the cardboard, we only use the highest grade three-ply corrugated cardboard. Combined with our innovative engineering and design, this means our products can often be stronger than you really require meaning they can last for many years.
All our products are 100 percent recyclable, with some made from recycled pulp. Which means that when your furniture has come to the end of its life, it will be recycled so it can become something new again. Perhaps a chair, stool or desk.
Our products are designed to last up to five years. Your product’s longevity depends on the care you take of it. If you treat it well, it may last considerably longer.
Water and cardboard don’t go, no matter how tough and durable the cardboard, as ours is. If you accidentally spill, don’t panic. Just mop up, wipe and leave to dry.
As with any type of furniture, whether wood or cardboard, keep away from naked flames and don’t place to close to a gas or electric fire.
One of the things we love most about aiBox products is you can customise each and every piece. Whether you want to get creative, or give children a project, There is also an added bonus of using water based polyurethane and paint as it can make cardboard more water resistant and also extra protection against wear and tear.

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