Introducing the standing desk by aiBox

Ever wondered how you could increase productivity at work, whilst receiving innumerable health benefits? Well throw away your chair, and get into working standing up instead, with aiBox’s Standing Desk.

Research shows that as a result of what scientists name ‘sitting disease’, our bodies are at risk of suffering from ill health such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and depression.


The standing desk by aiBox retails at £129 and is an eco-friendly yet stylish way to improve the way you work, whilst also improving your general well-being.


If the standard cardboard look isn’t for you then don’t fret! The desks – along with aiBox’s entire range – is fully customisable, and can be decorated however you wish, so that it fits in with any of your design needs.

As well as being customisable, the stand up desk is ultra-portable and folds down in a matter of seconds, so you can carry your workstation anywhere, anytime.


It is also height adjustable so no need to worry that the desk wouldn’t be right for you- no matter how tall or short you are! There’s no excuse why you shouldn’t give aiBox’s new standing desk a try, and see how through making a simple change in the way you work, you’ll be making a notable change to your long term health, along with being safe in the knowledge that you’re not starving the planet in the process.

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