Standing Desk

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Cardboard Standing Desk by aiBox transforms your work space. Feel good while working in a standing position, the human bodies natural posture, as well as improved circulation leaving you feeling more refreshed. Rigid construction & design supporting distributed loads up to 85kg, whilst weighing only 6.5kg and fold up or down in under 5 minutes, meaning you can really work remotely, be it the office, home or inspiring outdoor spaces with a view – try the beach, garden or busy city centre enabling you to really achieve that work-life balance and aiding creativity. What’s more, the standup workstation is also known to increase productivity as much as 25%, whether its reducing long-winded meetings or generally making you feel more motivated in your new stand up position.

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Weight 8.2 kg
Dimensions 1090 x 670 x 90 cm

Large (tall ≥ 165 cm), Small (tall ≤ 165 cm)