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Cardboard Standing Desk Converter

Pop-up seamlessly turning any desk to a standing desk /
Enhances productivity in workspaces /
Improves health promoting circulation & good posture

   UK £  19

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Folds down to just 12mm slotting
away neatly when not in use


Stand up – sit down – stand up – sit down – with aiBox Standing Desk Converter – work however the mood suits simply pop-up
and convert any ordinary desk/table into a standing desk with 2-tiered stucture for screen, keyboard and mouse.

Whats more – when your finished with it – it simply folds down as thin as 12mm allowing you to stow along side the down the back of
any desk, cabient or storage unit to keep your office clutter to a minimum.

Simple Desk Ergonomics

We understand ergonomics and
the science behind working in
optimum comfort and maximising
productivity. Which is why our
user-orientated focused design
is about your user experience.

‘No more crouching over your workstation,
stand tall, shoulders back & engage’

Universal compatibility

Works on any desk, table or workstation so you can take it with you,
use it in the office, at home or the park bench. The standing desk converter
can literally convert any desk, table or regular flat surface into a
standing desk in seconds.

Portability meets
Strength & Rigidity

Thats equal to…

Improve performance
in the everyday

1. Standing Desks can cut meetings
by as much as 25%
2. Improved posture and blood
circulation to work and perform at
optimum conditions
3. Reduce body pain, fatigue &
thus down-time / time-off with sickness

“Evidence suggests that standing can improve circulation, posture and core stability. When individuals spend significant periods of time sitting and looking at computer screens, it can put stresses on the back, shoulders and neck, and these will be relieved by adopting a vertical, standing position. The human body is designed to adopt a vertical position, and by spending more time standing we are developing and utilizing the natural attributes and physique that we possess”

[Professor John Brewer, Harvard University]

Virgin kraft 100% Recyclable
Cardboard. Any everday material.
Engineered for rigidity.
Designed for style.

Whatsmore – 100% recyclable meaning
we at aiBox are doing our bit for the
environment. And if thats not enough,
enquire about our take-back recycling

1. Standing Desk Converter from aiBox
2. Weighs 1.2kg
3. Packing size
4. Supports univform loads of 10kg per tier. Load must be evenly spread across
the entire tier.
5. Free next day UK delivery on all orders over £49.00

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