Standing vs sitting at work – the benefits

How many hours a day do we actually spend sat down? A recent survey found that many of us can spend up to 19 hours a day being sedentary, if you include the seven we spend asleep on average.

Martha Grogan, a cardiologist at London’s Mayo clinic says that those who sit for the majority of their day have a similar risk of heart attack to those who smoke. In addition to being bad for our health, sitting down too much puts 40 per cent more pressure on your spine than standing.

Standing up at work improves your metabolism

Standing up at work could improve your metabolism

‘Our bodies are breaking down from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, depression and the cascade of health ills and everyday malaise that come from what scientists have named sitting disease,’ says  James Levine, MD, PhD, who put together a body of research for the American Medical Association.

According to Levine, there is an obvious remedy. Standing up.

By getting rid of office chairs and instead using stand up desks, the health benefits will come rushing in. Standing up as opposed to sitting increases energy, burns extra calories, tones muscles, improves posture, increases blood flow and ramps up metabolism. Just one more reason to get up and work.

Here at aiBox we thoroughly believe in the benefits of standing up versus sitting down, which is why we’re launching our new standing desk with all the above health benefits in mind. The eco-friendly yet stylish range of cardboard furniture is set to launch in the next couple of weeks, so be sure to follow us on all our social medias to be kept updated on the launch date.


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